Job opportunities for nurses in Germany - Intensive care in Stuttgart
„And suddenly you realise:
it's time to start something new and to trust in the magic of the beginning.“

II.1 Mission statement

"Dum spiro, spero - Solange ich atme, hoffe ich"

  • We are committed to caring for sick or frail people.
  • We specialize in intensive care, controlled ventilation and tracheostomy patients.
  • What we do is based on our image of a human being. We respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person. The dignity of a human being is in the foreground of all caring and nursing activities. The human being in its entirety is at the centre of our efforts.
  • We know that a severely ill patient is particularly dependent on physicians and nurses. We respond to the feeling of being at a loss by providing our patients with thoughtful therapy. We respect the moral and religious values ​​of our patients and their families. We respect the privacy of our patients and help them maintain their lifestyles to the extent permitted by their health conditions.
  • Living is one of the basic needs of a human being. Your own four walls not only make you feel safe and secure, but also largely influence the quality of your life. We make our patients feel at home.
  • A sudden health condition often comes unexpectedly. Uncertainty is compounded by vague expectations. In an interview with a patient and his/her family we try to reconcile expectation and feasibility.
  • We provide our services on the basis of a scientifically sound understanding of nursing, which promotes our patients’ mobility and makes them live a more active life. Our expertise is based on recurrent training.
  • As part of holistic care and support, we work closely with attending physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, medical service departments, social services, medical stores and health insurance companies.