Job opportunities for nurses in Germany - Intensive care in Stuttgart
„And suddenly you realise:
it's time to start something new and to trust in the magic of the beginning.“

III.2 Benefits for foreign colleagues

Ines Rogg

If you come to us from within or outside of Europe, we will support you the best way we can to ensure that you feel comfortable in Germany and enjoy working for us. We will help and support you:

  •  in the registration procedure with the authorities
  •  in taking out a health insurance policy
  •  in filling out applications and forms
  •  in finding an accommodation
  •  in providing a temporary accommodation until you find a suitable apartment
  • in having a free bank account opened for you

We cannot do without your help and so you can be certain that we appreciate what you do for us. We will always have a cup of coffee and an open ear for you.