Job opportunities for nurses in Germany - Intensive care in Stuttgart
„And suddenly you realise:
it's time to start something new and to trust in the magic of the beginning.“

I.2 The challenge of working in Germany

Karina Kaul-Niechoj

“Someone can open the door for you, but you still have to walk through it yourself” – Confucius

It is a great challenge to leave home to live and work in Germany. You would need to learn a new language, accept new people’s habits, and work in a new environment. You would need to become familiar with the bureaucracy and tax laws in this country. You would find things are done differently in Germany to what you are used to.

Whether you bring your family here or commute between two states (Germany and your home country) is up to you. You would have to re-shape your roster to balance your career and family life. Whichever way you decide, our staff will support you and help you to meet other people with similar experiences who have settled in Germany, and to benefit from their experience.