Job opportunities for nurses in Germany - Intensive care in Stuttgart
„And suddenly you realise:
it's time to start something new and to trust in the magic of the beginning.“

III.1 General Conditions

Jacek Niechoj

We pay decent performance-based salary

  • with tax-free bonuses for night/Sunday/holiday shifts
  • tax-free meal allowance for day shifts
  • we grant a 20% surcharge for occupational pension schemes
  • if you face financial difficulties, we will help you to get a loan
  • we will pay you a performance-related annual bonus after passing the probationary period
  • we reward the recruitment of new employees with an attractive premium
  • we offer rewarding surcharges per hour for the demanding work in the clinics

We offer individual induction programmes, depending on what you bring along as a prerequisite. The duty rosters will be drafted in consultation with you to ensure that you can balance your family and leisure with your job.

You determine the scope of work, depending on your life situation.  We appreciate your work, regardless of whether you work on a sporadic basis because you want to be there for your children, or you do part-time, 100% or up to 110% because you want to earn more money.

We offer regular in-house further training, which counts as working hours, and help you complete the advanced education programme Outpatient Intensive Care.

Should you have any queries or issues, feel free to contact the company’s hotline which is available 24/7.

We encourage team spirit through regular team meetings and leisure activities such as joint tours or celebrations.